Everything you wanted to know about Experiential Marketing.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that brands are implementing in the marketplace in order to break through all the clutter and engage their consumers and customers in a very unique and memorable way.
Experiential marketing can be a lot of different things.
  • Sampling your products.
  • Demonstrating your products.
  • It can be a lifestyle type program that engages consumers in a place that they really want to be and it makes sense to have your brand there

How can an Experiential Marketing Agency help a B2B brand grow?

B2B is probably the fastest growing area of our industry. At least, it is definitely for our company. We love B2B programs! Probably the biggest advantage for a B2B client is the ROI is so much crisper and more clean and more transparent than B2C.
Sometimes with B2C you’re there at the point of sale which you can see product moving off the shelves but sometimes you’re at a fair or festival and you’re creating awareness and you’re creating that trial but you don’t know exactly what they do after you’ve engaged them.
With a B2B brand, you know you’re talking to decision makers, you’re talking to customers.
What we really love designing a mobile trade show for a B2B client. – you are taking their products or services directly to the parking lots of their customers. A B2B program is so much cleaner from an ROI standpoint.
We’ve never had a B2B program that didn’t repeat at least one more year, and based on what we hear from our clients, B2B programs really work. They really do sell incremental product and they really do create ROI that’s so great that it just makes sense to continue investing in this area.
So, we love B2B and B2C.
The biggest advantage of B2B is how clean the ROI is.

Can a brand integrate an Experiential Marketing program into a bigger program?

An integrated solution means that a brand is promoting its products and services in a lot of different ways. There may be TV ads for the product, website ads, social media, experiential marketing, and there may be a PR push. The integration of all of those different media formats provide the same talking points and make sure that the program gets the biggest bang for the buck and opportunity to get out and reach as many people as possible.

Will an Experiential Marketing agency help a B2C brand grow?

Yes, the vast majority of the business in our industry is B2C. There are so many B2C brands out there that really need to be experienced by consumers to be understood. Our industry is great for a B2C brand to get the brand out in the hands, mouths, or minds of consumers, which is beneficial to stand out from the clutter that’s out in the world.

How long does it take to launch an Event or Experiential Marketing program?

We personalize every program for every client, can typically ramp up the program in 10-12 weeks. Every program is unique, and there’s nothing off the shelf in our industry. We’re really focused on making sure we develop an event or experiential program that is exactly what the client needs in order to have the ROI they want. If there’s a lot of production development – maybe it’s a large vehicle format or double-expandable tractor-trailers- it could take longer to produce and launch. But with our over 25 years of experience and contacts, we get it done quickly and efficiently with the highest quality vendors. When the client is engaged in the development and bought into the timeline, the program runs much more smoothly.

Who handles all the logistics, scheduling and permitting?

Great question. We get this one a lot. There are lots of little elements that need to be properly planned out to make sure your event is successful. We have a team of detail-oriented professionals who have planned events all over the country. We have relationships with event planners, city hall contacts, parks, etc. We are sure wherever your best event locations are we can make it happen. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to!

What types of Experiential Marketing programs have the most success?

The programs with the most success are the ones where you can really create that “A-ha!”moment for consumers and customers. Any time you can take the consumer experience beyond just the physical part of the brand and connect them more emotionally with the brand, you’ll see the most success and long term ROI.

We cut our Trade Show budget in half, what options do I have to gain sales?

We are working with leading brands who have added Mobile Trade Shows to their marketing strategy and reduced their budget for trade show marketing. By bringing their showroom directly to their customers, brands get the focus and attention like no trade show can deliver – no competition in sight. Since we normally set up in the customer’s parking lot, they just walk out their door. Our clients tell us they get the decision maker and also the support team who influences the decision too. These trade shows on wheels grow pipeline and cut the sales cycle in half.

How do I know my Experiential Marketing agency will accurately represent my brand?

It’s important to develop and build trust with your agency – to make sure the team out there every day is representing your brand the right way. We believe 90% of the success of any program is the team representing the brand and their training. It’s our practice to create in depth hiring and training practices beyond industry standards. We feel it’s important to hire the best people out there who are really excited and passionate about working with your brand. All of our training is face to face in our office or the client’s. We build trust quickly with our field teams so they know we’ll be there for them and they will be dedicated to us and the client’s brand.

How do you ensure smooth Experiential Marketing activations?

At Pro Motion we have checklists for all processes and procedures. With our over 25 years of experience, we know how to be prepared. Murphy’s Law exists in experiential marketing, in our experience, and we have everything in place to handle situations. Whether it’s a flat tire or the internet is out – whatever the case, we always have back up plans to ensure the event goes smoothly and the guests aren’t aware of the “fire” we just had to extinguish.

How do you measure Experiential Marketing ROI?

We have a complete event portal that we personalize at the beginning of every program to track ROI. We track face to face engagements, sales (when we’re close to the point of sale), coupon redemption, social media, etc. Tracking the ROI from an experiential standpoint is getting more sophisticated each year. We’re really excited to capture tangible results for our clients. What we capture makes the client look smarter and make better informed decisions when they make their next marketing budget.

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FAQ – Will a marketing agency benefit a B2C brand?

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