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Pro Motion’s 2018 Experiential Marketing Goals

We’re all familiar with lifestyle resolutions when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. But where did the idea of a New Year’s Resolution come from? About 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians are said to have made the first New Year’s...

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Finding Your Fanatics: 3 Tips for Hiring Brand Advocates

He’s shirtless and painted head-to-toe in school colors. He’s booing the opponent and roaring after every yard gained. It’s freezing. After every chant he leads, a dragon-like puff of white air follows. His enthusiasm is undeniable. He is a wildly devoted college...

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What Makes a Great Experiential Marketing Agency?

You want to be different, and stand out in the crowd. You want to offer an experience. We have a name for this concept: experiential marketing. You’re ready to take the next steps, and meet with potential agencies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when interviewing...

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What are the B2B Benefits of Mobile Vehicle Tours?

Mobile marketing is a powerful revenue-generating tool available for B2B markets to tap into – it’s not just for B2C companies! Today, we are exploring the top 3 B2B benefits of mobile vehicle tours. The Benefits  Vehicle Impressions  One of the biggest benefits of...

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Choosing Pro Motion as your experiential marketing agency

Why will you be happy you chose Pro Motion as your experiential marketing agency? For starters, we’re awesome! But seriously, there are a few reasons to get excited about working with us. We’ve got history on our side.... Pro Motion popped up on the experiential...

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