Sampling Campaigns and Street Teams


We Engineer and Manage Great Sampling Campaigns and Street Teams

A good street team marketing company presents your brand to engage an audience. A Great Street Team Marketing Company presents your brand in a way that is welcomed: offering fun, engaging experiences, creating genuine moments, and turning triers into buyers.

The key to every sampling campaign is the right brand ambassadors extensively trained so the first event is as good as the 100th one. At Pro Motion, our brand ambassadors are hand-selected, screened, and trained to the Pro Motion standard of excellence. Their enthusiasm ensures that your customers’ experience brings your brand to life. Our goal is take consumers along the customer journey from awareness to fanatics.

How Pro Motion’s Product Sampling/Street Teams Work

Street teams are a fantastic way to engage your brand’s target consumers face-to-face. Because they’re representative of your brand, we make sure your street teams are skilled brand ambassadors who understand your product. They will be able to answer questions easily while being fun and engaging enough to leave a lasting positive impression on potential customers. When it’s time to get strategic with your brand’s street team marketing, Pro Motion would love to help. Our street teams go directly where your consumers live, play, work, and shop to be the most effective ambassadors for your brand. Street teams allow your product sampling program to get immediate feedback from consumers about what they like and dislike most about your products.

Understanding How Guerilla Marketing Helps Spread the Word

Guerilla marketing is an unconventional method that may involve a promotional event or sampling program. When implemented properly, guerilla marketing often yields high-impact results. If you’re a challenger brand, it gives you precious face-to-face time with consumers. If you’re a larger company, it helps you generate a buzz among consumers or competitors. Where you utilize guerilla marketing tactics is crucial to its overall success. Pro Motion can help you determine the best location where your target demographic may be most open to sampling your product, whether it’s where they live, work, play, or shop. Successful planning may involve obtaining permission or special permits to conduct your event or pass out samples at a specific location.

Event Marketing and Sampling Campaigns Produce Results!


Of event attendees say they need to see, feel, touch, or sample something to create a lasting impact and brand awareness.


Of consumers are more likely to purchase your product after being engaged with your brand at an event or with a street team.

How Technology Can Enhance Sampling Experiences

We continue to encourage brand awareness through interactive experiences brought about by target audience engagement. Consumer interactions create the emotional connections that lead to positive brand perception. Pro Motion’s experiential marketing delivers results through a variety of formats, including:

  • B2B experiential marketing
  • Sampling campaigns and street teams
  • Experiential marketing tours
  • Event marketing and pop-up shops
  • Brand ambassadors

Pro Motion also embraces technology to enhance the sampling experience. There are several key areas in which technology offers significant leverage within the experiential marketing genre.


  • Technology allows businesses to collect and analyze data effectively.
  • Technology optimizes ad campaigns.
  • Businesses can make data-driven decisions about brand improvement.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality provide immersive real-world experiences, creating emotional connections.
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Did you know…

80% of attendees said that live demonstrations and free samples significantly help define their purchasing decision