FAQ – Should I Hire a Big Experiential Marketing Agency?


A big question to consider is: should I hire services from a big experiential event agency? Well it depends on who you are whether you hire a large agency, or a medium-sized agency, or a small agency.

It seems like a lot of the really big brands think that they have to go out and hire a really big experiential event agency.

I think a lot of it is just because there’s less risk in hiring a big agency, you know.

It’s easy to hide behind, “hey they are an agency of record for, you know, for this or that so why wouldn’t we just hire them to continue doing this program?”

Also, when a brand hires a smaller agency they get better customer service; they get more attention.

Obviously, their business means more to a smaller agency than a big agency.

And a lot of times the big advantage of working with a smaller agency is you get to work with people who actually own the company or are at a very senior level with the organization.

Based on my experience, prior to working with a big agency, what I found was that the bigger the agency the less attention you got and the less care you got from the people up above.