FAQ – How do you measure experiential ROI?

How do you measure the ROI of an experiential campaign/activation?

There’s a lot of ways to measure ROI.

We have a complete event portal set up that we personalize at the beginning of every single program in an effort to make sure we’re tracking the right stuff, ‘cause what you track is what gets done, so we track all kinds of things.

Face-to-face engagements, sales when we’re close to the point-of-sale, coupon redemption, social media.

There’s so many ways to look at return on investment from an experiential standpoint and it’s getting more and more sophisticated, more and more clean data each year.

So we’re really excited to be able to capture tangible results for our clients and obviously that’s what they’re looking for, because if we can give them tangible results, it makes them look smarter, it makes them look like they’ve made really good decisions, and it helps them whenever they go to get the budget for the next year.