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Hitting The Streets With Mobile Vehicle Tours

Your customer getting to physically experience your product or service is just smart business!

Is your brand looking to drive awareness with a specific group? Do you have a product or service that people need to experience to understand? Do you just intuitively know that getting face to face with your customers is the right strategy for your brand? Well, mobile vehicle tours are driving engagement for brands in just about every industry. Why? Because they deliver tangible results along with long term emotional connections.

Pro Motion’s mobile vehicle tours often drive more ROI (return on investment) than other types of marketing. Whether it’s a B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) campaign, going to your target audience with a physical experience helps you better control your message to get results.

Mobile Vehicle Tours Cut Through the Clutter

According to a State of Experiential Marketing Study, 94% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand after an interactive experience with it. When you need to bring your brand to life, a mobile vehicle tour is the right strategy. Perhaps you already attend trade shows to show off your products to the public and competitors, but with trade shows on hold, a mobile trade show tour is the right strategy for your brand.

Are Your Trade Shows Not Delivering Business Results?

A mobile vehicle tour is equivalent to a mobile trade show, except your competitors are nowhere in sight. The attributes of your marketing tour and vehicle are completely customizable to suit your brand, products, industry, and most importantly, target consumers.
Marketing event vehicles range from motor coaches, pick-up trucks to multiple size trailers and everything in-between. The look and feel of a marketing vehicle should speak to you and the type of tone you wish to convey at your event.

What Do Successful Mobile Vehicle Tours Have in Common?

Since 1995, Pro Motion has worked with lots of brands to develop successful mobile vehicle tours of all sizes and durations. Sometimes we visit a specific market for a day, while other times we may recommend staying in the targeted market for at least a week or even longer. However, our years of expertise have allowed us to identify a few key components that can make or break a mobile vehicle tour.

Customized Mobile Vehicle Tours for Every Brand/Client

Pro Motion’s illustrious history, we’ve successfully piloted everything from smart cars and tractor-trailers to motor coaches (think tricked-out charter buses) and every vehicle in between. Each brand gets one on one attention with our senior staff to ensure the right program is developed to meet your brand’s needs. Give us a call! 636-577-8507

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Did you know…

After an experience 87% of consumers change their perception of a brand