FAQ – Why is Pro Motion the BEST marketing agency?


Well I think there are a lot of reasons why we’re the right agency for a lot of brands out there.

I’ve talked about a little bit before it, specifically our size is really, I think, a huge advantage for us.

We only work with ten clients at a time and that’s a little bit selfish on my part. I get to work on every piece of business we have. Every one of our clients know who I am they have my cell phone number.

I talk to them. I see them in the field. They see me at every single training. I make sure that I meet every single trainee we have to make sure that our field teams know who I am and what I’m about in what our organization is all about, and how they fit into the organization and it really builds that trust with them.

We build an incredible relationship. So, I think our size is a huge advantage. Again, you get me in your business plus you get all of my senior staff on the business. We’re talking every day about your business and how to make it better so you get incredible focus. If you need us to respond and you need us to react we’re incredibly fast doing that.

I always say that we’re like a scarab boat versus an ocean liner. We can turn really quickly. We can move really quickly. We can be in a lot of places really quickly.

And I just think that customer service you get.. Probably the best compliment I get from our clients, and it happens at the end of every year, that there’ll be a few of them that say, “you said when we hired you that you only work with ten clients but I swear we were your only client all year.” So that tells me we gave them just incredible customer service lots and lots of value.

And I just think it’s important that that clients walk away feeling good about that purchase. It’s not inexpensive to do an experiential program and when they can at the end of that program feel really good saying I feel like I got so much more out of it because I got to work with promotion. You know, that’s the great thing I like to hear and I like to see.

And like I said it happens every year at least a couple times I have clients that say that to me.

So I think a smaller agency is just more nimble. We still have great creative, you know. We still can come up with that big idea.

We’ve had some huge programs from some really great brands. Fortune 100, fortune 50 brands who trust us with their brand and you know, it’s just it’s really exciting to work with them but it’s also exciting to work with those challenger brands who don’t have as much money but it’s so much more important that their programs are a success.

And I’m happy to say we’ve never lost a client to another agency. We’ve never been fired.

We continue to earn our wings every day. We always say that we’re only as good as the last event that we did so we really focus on being great every day.

And things happen in our industry and how you react to those things and how you create a great program day in and day out is really important.

And that’s what you get with us and probably a lot of small agencies probably focus on making sure value is really important. I know that’s important to us. I know it’s really important or our clients. And that’s why we have clients that have been with us for 10 years. We have some clients in their first year here with us this year and fortunately I’m happy to say they’re gonna repeat again next year.

So, you know, we’re really lucky we have a great group of people here work really hard, who really care about our clients, and really care about our clients business. And at the end of the day as long as we’re making our clients rockstars within their organization then we’re really happy about the work that we’ve done for them.