FAQ – How Long Does It Take To Activate a Program?


What’s the timeline for program activation?

We can ramp up a program in 6 to 8 weeks.

We can do it in a little less time than that, and it can also take more time.

Again, it depends because we personalize every program.

Every program is different.

There’s nothing off the shelf in this industry.

We’re really focused on making sure we develop a program that is exactly what the client needs in order to have the return on investment the client is looking for.

Some programs we can ramp up very quickly, but most programs take 8 to 12 weeks to get going.

Now, if there’s a lot of development, from a production standpoint—maybe it’s large vehicle formats like maybe double-expandable tractor-trailers—those programs could take longer because there’s just more production time needed to make that happen.

but we’re very efficient and we move very quickly.

As long as the client is engaged in the development and everybody buys in on the timeline that we’ve produced, then the program development is pretty efficient and we can hit deadlines as effectively as we possibly can.