Market your Healthcare Solution with an Experience

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Healthcare innovation has been happening rapidly before our eyes over the last few years. And for many, these innovations in healthcare products often need to be experienced to be understood. A proven method for building an experience is a mobile marketing tour that demonstrates and allows clients to try the innovative products firsthand. We worked with Invacare, the world’s leading provider in wheelchair and home healthcare products, to do just that, and we have some reasons why you should be taking your healthcare products on the road:  

  1. Interactive Experience

A mobile marketing tour for your healthcare solution offers current clients and potential customers a unique, one-on-one interactive experience with the company products. Instead of a dry powerpoint or brochure, expert brand ambassadors on site will share important benefits and selling points of your product while letting the customer try it out themselves. They can ask clarifying questions and develop a personalized connection to the brand for bringing the high quality experience to their door. 

  1. Conveniently located

The advantage of a mobile marketing tour is that it can bring the products directly to your target customers. Whether it is a pop up in the office parking lot or an outdoor event, it’s far more convenient than sending your representatives to an outdated, expensive tradeshow to capture the attention of customers amongst a sea of competitors. With a schedule customized to your needs and goals, we can travel to hospitals or customer offices to provide product demonstrations and a memorable experience that connects customers to your brand. As we like to say, “Go where the ducks are” in their natural habitat. We can reach hundreds of customers in hundreds of markets in just a few months with a mobile marketing tour all while driving goodwill and building relationships along the way.

  1. Customized program

We can customize your mobile tour vehicle and experience based on your brand’s mission, culture, and a realistic use of your healthcare solution. We know how to match the best type of vehicle to your program, whether that’s a truck and trailer, double expandable tractor trailer, or a mobile training lab van. We have built innovative mobile marketing programs for all different types of B2B and B2C brands, including Gatorade, Tonka Trucks, Disney, Hussmann refrigeration products, Invacare home healthcare products, and more. 

Ready to build your healthcare mobile marketing tour solution? Give us a call at 636-577-8507. 

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