Hussmann knew they weren’t getting the results they once received from attending trade shows, and wanted a creative and integrated solution to showcase their new line of refrigerated display cases for grocery and C-Stores.


The solution was this brand marketing case study called: Hussmann Insight Experience bus tour.
With 33 events in 24 cities, the Tour went to the corporate headquarters, flagship stores, and distributors of the biggest names in the grocery industry, including Target, Walmart, and Associated Wholesale Grocers across the country and in Canada.
A customized communication plan was designed to communicate to Hussmann’s sales targets and to promote the program and why attendees needed to attend. It provided the opportunity to save the date on their calendars along with updates and reminders, yielding excellent attendance at each event site with key decision makers blocking out time in their day.
The main attraction of the Hussmann Insight Experience bus tour was the 32’ expandable trailer. As employees entered their parking lots and saw the trailer, their curiosity was piqued. Buzz began among those who got invites and those who weren’t even included, driving more influencers to the display.
Before entering the trailer, guests were greeted with refreshments and checked in.
Once inside, the 30-minute experience began with an overview video that introduced the history of Hussmann, core beliefs and strategies with a focus on innovation over the past 112 years, and ultimately, the innovative Insight display case.
Our traveling spokesperson gave a live presentation while showcasing a 12′ Insight demo case, touchscreen supporting visuals, and a VR exhibit, which allowed users to experience a store filled with Insight cases in their natural environment filled with produce, meat, seafood, and other refrigerated foods.
Finally, attendees were brought to the conference area where they had one-on-one strategic conversations with the decision makers from Hussmann who attended in each market; on several occasions, customers actually made decisions on the spot about purchase intent!


The very nature of the Hussmann Insight Experience roadshow tour meant that there were no wasted moments.

Every attendee over the course of the program (over 400 decision makers and influencers) was a member of the target audience and they came to the roadshow because they wanted to learn about the Insight product line.

This led to immediate conversion and purchases early in the tour and, ultimately, a return on investment that exceeded all expectations.  This program worked because we activated directly in the customer parking lot; a place that attracted decision makers who may not attend trade shows.

These results were extremely well received throughout Hussmann’s sales and marketing teams.

You guys do everything you say you’re going to do and then you do things we didn’t even know we needed. Your experience adds a lot of value. What a great partnership.


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