Mobile marketing tours or roadshows have become the top way for B2B brands to engage with customers and prospects. No matter the industry, it’s clear the impact these customized experiential opportunities can have on sales pipelines and client relationships. 

Below, our clients speak for themselves on why a B2B experiential marketing roadshow was the solution they needed. 

“The roadshow helped us to achieve the aggressive sales goals we had for this product line. We know we have to continue to find creative ways to get in front of our customers and prospects, and the roadshow strategy delivers.” 

Our client Hussmann sells massive refrigeration products. We developed a B2B roadshow to help them make an impactful sales pitch to their clients and prospects, but instead of hauling around large products, we used Virtual Reality to showcase the features of the product line in an expandable tractor trailer experience. The exhibit allowed users to experience a grocery store with Hussmann products filled with produce, meat, and other foods. This creative method helped Hussmann achieved the aggressive sales goals they set, and they couldn’t have been more satisfied. 

Hussmann Interior

“Each activation allowed the local reps to not only train on new LiNX technology but also give their providers a hands-on experience. This experience really showed the “Invacare Difference” and strength over the competition.” 

Our client Invacare needed to launch their new wheelchair and homecare technology quickly and efficiently. Each mobile activation allowed reps to demonstrate and ride the new chairs over obstacle courses and compare to the competitor products. It was an educational, hands-on experience, and beyond that, it was just fun. 

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“[The roadshow] works for us because it provides a concrete engagement and the impact of the face-to-face is fantastic. So much better than two people walking into a meeting in suits trying to make a connection. It helps us stand out over some of our competitors.” 

Our client UPtv invited attendees to a mobile coach experience. Reps showed off upcoming content on state-of-the-art display and engaged directly with their clients in a luxurious space with many comforts for the guests. 


And if those reasons didn’t convince you enough that B2B experiential roadshows are the best way to make an impact with your clients and prospects, let’s look at a few more numbers. 

One Hussmann tour yielded 33 events in 24 cities with over 400 decision makers and influencers 

One Invacare tour yielded 286 appointments with over 1700 attendees

One UPtv tour engaged over 400 agencies across 65 meetingsReady to build excitement around your B2B brand with an experiential marketing roadshow? Give us a call at 636-577-8507.