Snapple #StraightUpTeaTimeTour
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Snapple wanted to increase trial and awareness of Snapple® Straight Up Tea in a way that was unique, fun, relevant, and interactive. They needed to surprise and delight their target consumers (passionate optimists, ages 18-49) where they live, work, play, and shop.


  • RThe Snapple Straight Up Tea Time Tour was created to engage with consumers across the country.
  • RPro Motion intensively trained 19 Market Managers and over 150 Brand Ambassadors to hit the streets and distribute ice-cold samples of Snapple Straight Up Tea.
  • RThe enthusiastic teams, dressed in branded T-shirts, traveled in 19 branded vans to 27 cities across the US, greeting passers-by with ice-cold samples.
  • RTeams engaged consumers in their own environments, meeting them at 5K runs, parks, farmers’ markets, community festivals, music festivals, sporting events, and more!


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Event Days

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