New York Lottery Minute To Win It Challenge
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Promote the launch of the New York Lottery’s new $5 scratch-off game, Minute to Win It, by developing, building and activating a mobile tour at malls throughout New York state. Create brand-awareness, generate excitement and provide education regarding the new scratch-off ticket game while increasing distribution and brand loyalty.


  • RPro Motion joined forces with the New York marketing firm, DDB New York, to create an interactive, engaging, and memorable experience related to the Universal Studios popular game show Minute to Win It.
  • RInvite customers aged 18 and over to take part in one minute challenges for the opportunity to win lottery tickets.
  • RThe New York Lottery Minute to Win it Game Challenge tour challenged consumers with a variety of games that were based on the television show.
  • RTo take part, players had to present one of the new scratch-off tickets. The games could be played at three difficulty levels— easy, average and difficult—and based on the difficulty of the game, contestants could win two, five or 10 Minute to Win It tickets, each offering a chance to win up to $1 million.
  • RThe games came straight out of the NBC show and included challenges like Face the Cookie, which challenges contestants to move cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their face, and This Blows, where a player must continually blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock cups off of a table.


  • The Minute To Win It Game challenge was one of the top five most successful new ticket launches in the history of New York’s lottery.
  • Pro Motion’s New York Lottery Brand Ambassadors traveled throughout the state visiting 26 malls and casinos over 11 weeks.
  • Local celebrities and New York Lottery Draw Team members Yolanda Vega, Gretchen Dizer and Jina Myers added excitement at various locations.
  • Generated onsite event sales and increased awareness of the new game.

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