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Increase awareness and interaction of the Gundam brand and GUNPLA Model Kits and generate sales of Model Kits to new audiences through a well-planned Experiential Marketing approach.


  • R8-week Experiential Marketing Tour: A comprehensive 8-week tour designed to engage audiences across various locations, creating an immersive experience.
  • R9 activations, 5 events & 4 HobbyTown partner retail locations: Strategic selection of high-traffic events and retail partnerships to maximize exposure and engagement.
  • RTeam of 7 Tour Managers and 20 local Brand Ambassadors: A dedicated team to ensure smooth operations and personalized interactions at each activation point.
  • R40’W x 40’D interactive footprint: A large, visually striking setup to captivate the audience and provide an immersive experience including 2 gaming stations, green screen photo op, and GUNPLA display figures for viewing.
  • RModel Kit workshop: Housed within the interactive footprint providing a designated space for attendees to experience hands-on GUNPLA Model Kit building.
  • RFully wrapped graphics on display trailer & support trailer: Eye-catching branding to enhance visibility and reinforce the Gundam Base Mobile USA Tour identity.
  • RGundam Model Kit pop-up shop: A retail space within a 30’ display trailer, offering an extensive selection of Gundam GUNPLA Model Kits for purchase.
  • RSupport & storage vehicles for product: Efficient logistics to manage inventory and ensure the availability of products.
  • ROperations & inventory management: Seamless coordination for smooth operations, from setup to inventory management.
  • RProgram activation: Well-planned and executed program activation to engage audiences effectively.


  • 5,236 miles traveled: Extensive coverage across diverse regions, reaching a wide audience.
  • 1,378 gaming participants: Active engagement through gaming stations, creating a dynamic experience.
  • 2,681 green screen photos taken, 1,755 digital shares, 131,577 total reach & 440,853 impressions: A highly successful digital engagement strategy, leveraging social media to extend the campaign reach.
  • 3,987 workshop attendees: Creating interest and fostering a sense of creativity and connection to the Gundam brand.
  • 8,671 pop-up shop visitors, 4,147 transactions & exceeded sales goal by 200%: A significant volume in foot traffic and sales, exceeding the initial sales goals.
  • 10,018 guests, 35,691 venue impressions & 1,057,672 visual impressions: Massive overall impressions, showcasing the widespread impact and success of the Gundam Base Mobile USA Tour.

Did you know…

79% of experiential marketers say in the coming years, live events will become increasingly important to their organizations’ success.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study