Unclaimed Baggage 50th Anniversary Road Trip
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Unclaimed Baggage, the nation’s only retailer of lost luggage, was looking for a way to develop a fun, engaging, and integrated campaign with the focus on celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a 50 State Road Trip showcasing “Hugo”, a replica of the 1965 truck that picked up the first load of luggage from Washington, DC in 1970 and named after founder, Mr. Hugo Doyle Owens. The Program needed to: ignite press and social media interest – local, regional, and national; celebrate the company’s history and communicate the brand to provide awareness and education; connect with customers across the country with an interactive hook that gives people a reason to follow regularly; engage all brand audiences – past, current, and future customers; and honor their employees, both current and past.


  • RThe 2022 “50th Anniversary Road Trip” was a big success engaging people at every stop, in every state, along the way.
  • RThe Road Trip stopped in all 48 contiguous states visiting iconic locations, farmers markets, charitable organizations, small festivals, and other types of fun events.
  • R“Hugo” was a HUGE hit every time it sprung into action, turned heads and was captured by so many cell phones with its huge stack of unclaimed luggage stacked in its bed.
  • RMedia loved the story of the brand and all the goodness it shares across the country – who doesn’t love a feel-good story about a brand the gives back so much?
  • RMost consumers the team encountered hadn’t heard about the brand or the store in Scottsboro and the online store.
  • REveryone across the country wanted to learn more about how the luggage got lost and what happened to it after it landed in Scottsboro and enjoyed engaging with the traveling team.


  • Over 19,000 miles driven across 48 states in 16 weeks.
  • Almost 2 million visual impressions while driving across America.
  • Engaged over 27,000 guests at events and countless others while traveling.
  • Over 50 consumer events, Love Luggage events, charitable drop-offs, and media stops along the way.
  • Increased social media followers and engagement by 10x.
  • 30+ media appearances including KTLA and Good Morning America.

The nation’s only retailer of lost luggage


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2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study.