Out With The Old…In With The New

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New Mobile Marketing Is On a Roll for Business Consumers.

Let’s Start With the Very Beginning

The first trade show happened over 160 years ago. It was called The Great Exhibition and was held in Central London. The idea of the show was to bring together the most innovative and advanced products across the world for people to view and purchase all in one place. Queen Victoria hosted this event for 5 months and it showcased commercial products and attracted over 6 million visitors. Now, trade shows still exist with over 14,000 trade shows each year with the hopes that they generate extensive revenue for the exhibitors. They are an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products to hundreds of people at one time.

The Evolution to Mobile Marketing Tours

The history of trade shows is interesting, however; as the business environment has changed so has the look of trade shows type events including what is now on the road, mobile marketing tours. Mobile marketing tours are a major part of experiential marketing that enables brands to interact with business customers, not just consumers, across multiple locations, within a set period of time, and with less planning and costs. It is typically a more unique, private experience for business customers and frequently closer to home. They are designed to target specific locations where more opportunities for sales exist and are more customized to the potential business customer. Most importantly, business customers can experience a product or service in a creative, hands-on atmosphere.

What Type of Businesses and Industries Are in Play?

Here are just a few examples of businesses leveraging cost-saving, mobile marketing tours:

HP Exstream, enterprise software providers, read more here: https://promotion1.com/project/hp-exstream-results-tour/

Hussmann Shop, commercial refrigeration supplier, read more here: https://promotion1.com/project/hussmann-shop-the-future-roadshow/

LG TechTour, electronic digital solutions, read more here: https://www.lgnewsroom.com/2019/05/beyond-news-lg-kicks-off-five-city-2019-lg-techtour-usa/

What’s The Big Deal?

Listed below are some of the most important benefits that business-to-business (B2B) mobile marketing experiences can bring to business owners that can’t be acquired through trade shows

● Direct interactions and communication with potential B2B customers

● An increase in brand awareness and an overall sense of familiarity in their organization

● Ability to establish professionalism and credibility in their B2B product

● The power to make connections and build relationships with attendees that will help their brand thrive

What Will It Take To Get You On The Road?

Below are some of the first steps to planning your tour:

● Secure an experienced mobile marketing tour partner

● Identify the best location to get the highest ROI

● Select and develop the right vehicle

● Create an atmosphere that best showcases the services and is engaging

● Develop the creative and messaging

● Secure the right tour managers/brand ambassadors

● Implement PR and buzz Consider A Mobile Marketing Tour for Your Organization

If you are interested in learning more about mobile marketing tours to better target and sell your business consumer, contact Pro Motion, 636.577.8507 or email cathi.kennedy@promotion1.com