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With the trade show industry declining in many industries, brands need to audit their trade show plan to make sure the results are still worth the spend. As the pandemic spread throughout the country, one by one, trade shows canceled. Some brands pivoted to digital hoping to drive engagement and interest with mixed results and some, the industry leaders, became proactive and brought the trade show directly to their customers and wow, that turned out to be a really smart move.

The Hussmann Shop the Future roadshow dominated their industry for 12 weeks and the response from their customers was, well, exactly what they had hoped for. When a leader leads, great things can happen. And they did.


  • RReverse the plan and deliver the trade show to the customer – The Hussmann Shop the Future Roadshow was born.
  • RThe Hussmann Shop the Future Roadshow is housed within a 53’ Single, Expandable Trailer with over 700 square feet of free space perfectly designed to bring 9 Hussmann new innovations to life. The Roadshow created 36 events in 25 cities across the country engaging over 68 of Hussmann Retail and Channel Partners – some of the biggest names in the grocery industry, including Albertson’s Walmart, and Whole Foods.
  • REnhancements to the previous roadshow were created throughout the program – a customized plan was designed to communicate to Hussmann’s internal sales team to promote the program and explain why attendees need to come to the Roadshow. It provided the opportunity to save the date on their calendars along with updates and reminders, yielding targeted attendance at each meeting with key decision makers. The communication plan was extensive.
  • RThe Roadshow stopped at customer parking lots and off-site locations across the country and as invited guests entered the parking lot, the trailer was a huge billboard for Hussmann; providing buzz and excitement prior to guests entering the Experience.
  • RExtensive COVID protocols were developed and put in place to keep everyone healthy and safe and guests were informed pre-event of the procedures and expectations.
  • RGuests were greeted by our Director of First Impressions for Hussmann who welcomed each guest, checked them in and explained the Experience.
  • ROnce inside the 45-60-minute Experience, customers were introduced to many Hussmann Innovations, engaging with the Hussmann Brand Team, Sales Representatives, and Product Specialists.
  • RAn addition to the Road Show for 2020 was our Virtual Experience which allowed customers and Hussmann Product Experts to participate in the Experience, but from their office or home office which enhanced the experience for everyone.
  • RCustomers love the ease of having the trade brought to them and at each location we heard how appreciative they were.


  • The Hussmann Shop the Future Roadshow ensured that there were no wasted moments; guests included C-level connections, decision makers and their support teams (over 700 guests attended). 
  • The engagement level was electric, and customers were not only happy to be discussing how the new products can help them to solve problems, but also happy to be off the “flat screens” and back in a more effective human-to-human world.
  • The Experience led to immediate conversion and purchases early in the tour, ultimately, the ROI is projected to exceed all expectations – even during a pandemic. 
  • The 2021 Hussmann Roadshow is in planning and look for updates on social media.

Did you know…

79% of experiential marketers say in the coming years, live events will become increasingly important to their organizations’ success.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study