10 Tips to Add Value as a Brand Ambassador

Blog - 10 Tips for Street Team Brand Ambassadors to Raise the BarStreet Team Brand Ambassadors represent not only the brand they are promoting but also the agency they are representing. The job the Brand Ambassador does for a street team program can MAKE or BREAK the entire promotion.

So at Pro Motion we hire only the best!  The Brand Ambassadors that go above the rest and stand out are the people we will continue to reach out to promotion after promotion, (shout out to some of our awesome peeps –  Christina, Jason, Amanda, John, Jackie, Jon, Billy and the list goes on).  They are some of the Brand Ambassadors we know will make an impact on every brand they represent.  Here are some tips for Brand Ambassadors to soar above the rest of the pack:

  1. Suggest ways to improve the program with your Project Manager– You are the person in the field who sees the day-to-day activities of the promotion and you are best suited to make suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the consumer engagement as well as providing ways to make the program more efficient.
  2. Share consumer feedback quickly – Include consumer comments on your event recaps and listen for trends to share with your Project Manager.  One of the biggest benefits for a brand when activating an experiential marketing program is the valuable consumer feedback they receive.
  3. Be cost efficient – Stretch your budget and make fiscally responsible decisions to improve the ROI of the program.  For example, car pool with others to save money in the parking budget, or find reasonably priced hotel accommodations rather than maxing out the travel budget.
  4. Turn recaps, photos and invoices in on time – Make sure you don’t slow down the process by neglecting to submit your information on time.
  5. Refer great people to work with – They say you are who you hang out with so prove your value by suggesting other great Brand Ambassadors to work promotions.
  6. Make our jobs easier – What value can you provide to your Project Manager to help them with the success of the program?  Can you recommend a great event?  Know a hot spot to hit?  Share your talents and knowledge to improve the effectiveness of the program.
  7. Go above and beyond what is asked of you – Do a little something extra!  For example, you can provide a really detailed and well-crafted event recap; create a video montage with some of the best pictures from the event.
  8. Help us make our client’s look like a rockstar – Make sure you are thinking about the program objectives at all times during the promotion.  What can you do to improve the program’s overall success?
  9. Open your eyes and ears – You are on the front lines with the consumers.  What do you see and hear that could be valuable feedback to the client?
  10. Make it Happen (one of our 5 core values) – Provide solutions when issues arise

We have lots of Brand Ambassador Candidates in each market to choose from so be sure to stand out above the competition!    Be a rockstar, go above and beyond and you will be forever etched in our books as being one of the best!

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