Expectations of Brand Ambassadors for a Street Team Program

Blog - Expectations of a Brand Ambassador for a Street Team ProgramAfter being hired as a Brand Ambassador for a street team program there are ways to show a company you are an “A player” and things that will be red flags when looking to get rehired in a particular city. Here are a few things aBrand Ambassador should do before, during and after the events to ensure their place as a top candidate for all future events.


  • Read all correspondence which will include the logistics, training documents, program information and follow all directions as outlined
  • Register with the company and/or complete all required paperwork
  • Be quick to respond to any requests from the agency (if you don’t answer your phone, call back when left a message, or respond to an e-mail in a timely manner)
  • Make sure that your appearance the day of the event reflects the photo that you submitted during the interview process (get plenty of rest, come ready to work with a clean and ironed uniform, clean shaven and all around pleasing appearance)


  • Arrive early to the event and check in with event contact if necessary
  • Safe and proper maintenance of equipment and/or vehicles (if applicable)
  • Be fiscally responsible (for example saving money on parking, car pooling with other street team members)
  • You were hired for your award winning personality so be engaging, upbeat, knowledgeable and “on” during the entire event and anytime you are in your uniform.
  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Provide updates to management as requested
  • Keep ACCURATE track of consumer impressions, inventory and samples distributed
  • Take pictures (remember to get interaction shots with consumers and the brand)


  • Clean up the site (remove display items, pack away, trash in dumpsters)
  • Thank the event contact if available
  • Send the recap, pictures and invoice at specified time

Whether you are a Brand Ambassador or hiring one for your next street team promotion, these tips will be helpful for all Brand Ambassadors to ensure the success of the program.

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