Sharing Shapes the Future

“There is no other marketing medium that provides anywhere near the power of live experiences to generate authentic customer content that event participants share enthusiastically with their friends, family, and social networks.” – EventTrack

Embrace the change, and learn how to leverage your brand. We have 3 tips to harness the power of sharing and experience the impact on the marketing community.

Capture the Moment 

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless. Creating a video recap is proven to significantly increase brand perception. In an Event Track survey, 78% of consumers reported feeling better about a brand after viewing branded experience video.

We love to incorporate branded video experience with our mobile vehicle tours. Our Abita Big Easy IPA Pop-Up Band Tour allowed us to incorporate the sights and sounds of the Big Easy with the Abita beer sampling experience.

Bonus: Video content is great for social media promotion, as well as consumer sharing.

Offer Share-Worthy Content 

Picture and video worthy moments create an authentic connection between your brand and consumers. Consumers that capture shareable content at your event create a domino effect – they share a picture which can be shared over and over via social media. Facebook check-ins, branded photo backgrounds and props, and custom snapchat filters are all great in creating a buzz.

Here at Pro Motion, we strive to offer picture-perfect moments for brand enthusiast to capture. Our Invacare Rockin’ Rollout Tour offered attendees the opportunity to have a rockin’ good time with branded photo experiences, complete with a band set and branded props!

Push Out Content Faster 

Did you know that almost half of brands push their content out the same day of the event? Marketers must stay on their toes, and lucky for us, there are a number of great tools to help us do so. Hootsuite Mobile app allows you to schedule out content from the convenience of your phone. Instagram and Facebook mobile apps offer the ability to stream live content at the event. Engage consumers, and prove you are a step ahead.

Brand ambassadors on the road for a mobile marketing tour? Ask them to send in content to the office to be pushed out on social media. Keep consumers engaged with authentic, quality content.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Harness the power of sharing, and begin creating the authentic connections you need!