The Amazing Spider-Man Mobile Marketing Tour
sonys spider man flies into 1000 walmarts 7


Sony Pictures and Sony Entertainment wanted to promote the release of the new summer blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man and related merchandise at 1,000 Walmart locations across America – in 7 weeks!


  • RThe Amazing Spider-Man Mobile Marketing Tour was created to engage fans and consumers at Walmart locations across America. 17 Spidey Teams were deployed in branded trucks and trailers loaded with interactive activities.
  • RShoppers experienced a sneak peek of The Amazing Spider-Man video game and an extended trailer of the movie.
  • RA cross-promotion with Hasbro, Kellogg’s, HP Straight Talk and Sony Electronics showed off the reach of the Spider-Man franchise and fans saw an exclusive Augmented Reality fight scene between Spider-Man and the Lizard once they downloaded the AR app.
  • RA large Spider-Wall traveled to many of the cities challenging guests to try their hand at climbing the 30 foot wall just like their action figure, Spidey.


  • Events preceded with local media exposure saw attendance increase of 72% at each Walmart location
  • Walmart saw 17% increase in sales of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise merchandise at 1,000 stores exclusively visited by the Mobile Marketing Tour
  • Sony received the “Walmart Supplier Award of Excellence” for this highly successful campaign – an award every Walmart supplier would love to win
  • The Tour visited almost 1,000 stores (nearly 1/3 of all Walmart locations) and engaged more than 100,000 Walmart shoppers in 31 states, again in 7 weeks!




Sales increase


Attendance Increase

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