How To Be Creative When You Are Not Naturally Creative

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In the middle of a global pandemic, how do you keep your business flourishing?

Well… like using gallon water jugs for at-home weights, or converting old t-shirts into face masks, you have to get creative! MORE than just creative – PRACTICALLY CREATIVE!

While creativity is the act of using one’s imagination or original ideas to produce something new, you can think of practical creativity as using those same skills to discover solutions and solve problems.

Where creativity is provocative, practical creativity is… well, practical. Creativity generally requires a large front-end investment of time and/or money, where practical creativity is typically financially efficient and can be turned around quickly. Creativity can bring awards and recognition… practical creativity can bring you results!

Think about it as if you were presented with a task and took that very first great-big idea that emerged in your brain and not just ran, but sprinted with it. What if you never stopped to consider alternatives, do research, even calculate budgets? What opportunities did you miss, what expenses did you incur, or problems you did not foresee that could have been avoided?

Every marketing plan sprouts from creativity, but not every marketing plan grows into practical creativity. Harnessing that creativity used to generate all of those fresh and fun ideas into a productive, disciplined, results-oriented marketing plan takes discipline and commitment, but yields reproductive success. When you are able to tap into that practical creativity, your expectations and objectives meet your budget, and your ROI reflects reward.

Pro Motion’s 25 years working with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies proves our focus on practical creativity vs creativity. Focusing our team of creatives on the unified goals of our clients and paving the way for their success isn’t always the easiest, but – much like our clients – the results speak for themselves!

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Brands are struggling with trying to stand out in the cluttered marketplace and Covid-19 is a challenge that none of us were ready for in 2020.  If you are looking for someone to have a strategy session with, reach out.  This is what we do and have been doing since 1995.  We’ve been through a few really bad downturns and we excel in building brands.  Pro Motion is a top experiential marketing agency and we love creating engaging, unique experiences, and effective marketing campaigns. Give us a call at 636.577.8507.

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