Practical Creativity vs. Creativity

E V E R Y W H E R E -

Practical Creativity: what the heck is that?!

Merriam Webster says that creativity is the ability to make new things or think of new ideas.

Practical creativity is the ability to discover solutions that will solve problems.

Go on…

Creativity is sexy.

Practical creativity is…well, practical.

Creativity requires a large budget and a lot of time.

Practical creativity is financially efficient and can be turned around quickly.

Creativity can win awards for an experiential marketing program.

Practical creativity can get you results.

Breaking it down

Creativity is necessary to keep things fresh and to keep ideas flowing, but harnessing that creative show-pony and training it into a reliable and productive performance horse takes discipline and commitment. It fuses the award-winning dazzle of raw creativity with the level-headed,results-oriented practicality that’s necessary to measure and reproduce success.

Every experiential marketing firm grows from a place of creativity. Less are engineered to cultivate and optimize the practical creativity of their teams. When they do, they meet client objectives and expectations, fit within marketing budgets, and bring the ROI required to move the needle on your brand.

“Clients say the agency is big enough to handle anything but nimble enough to provide an efficient value against the budget. [Pro Motion is] the St. Louis independent agency… that has a resume full of big and small national and regional programs, tactical and strategic execution. Clients rave about the practical creativity and fiscal responsibility.”

– Event Marketer Magazine

One of the reasons that Pro Motion has had a 98% client retention rate over the past two decades is our focus on practical creativity vs. creativity. Corralling a team of creative personalities to focus on one unified goal and streamlining the processes and methods along the way isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but our dedication to results and our practical creativity continue to speak for themselves.

photo credit: Lynn (Gracie’s mom) via photopin cc