Hiring the Best Tour Managers for Your Mobile Vehicle Tours

Congratulations! You’ve pitched and landed a Mobile Vehicle Tour with a new client. You’ve got the whole tour idea laid out and have already begun producing the logistics. Next step is to hire the mobile marketing tour team. Here at Pro Motion, we believe that the people representing your tours are almost, if not completely, more important than the content itself. When consumers engage and interact with your tour people, they’re inherently interacting with the brand itself.

You’ve been tasked with hiring the best Tour Manager for your client’s Mobile vehicle Tours.

What’s a tour manager?

Your Tour Manager has to be a rockstar leader capable of simultaneously leading the mobile marketing tour team in the field (whether that’s a team of 2, 8, or more), responsible for communications back to the Project Manager in the office, making sure the event runs smoothly on a regular basis, AND last but not least, representing the brand itself.

We’ve compiled some of the must-have traits we believe are essential for this type of role on a mobile marketing tour team.

Must haves:

  • Professional
  • Energetic
  • Outgoing
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Detail-oriented
  • Positive attitude
  • Approachable
  • Can do and will do attitude
  • Experiential marketing experience
  • Experience driving large vehicles (as they will likely be driving the tour vehicle)

So how to find these mobile marketing tour rock stars? At Pro Motion, we keep a full roster of Brand Ambassadors and tour managers all over the country that we reach out to on an ongoing basis. Usually we start with this list first to find a good fit for the mobile marketing tour. We’ll also reach out those people on our roster to recommend people they know that might be a good fit.

The other way is we post listings to social media, such as our Pro Motion Jobs Facebook page.There’s a lot of great places where we recruit online on an ongoing basis. We’re able to meet new people and expand our roster based on the needs of each one of our clients.


Our amazing teams from the Amazing Spider Man tour

Another essential part of the conversation with your potential mobile marketing tour manager: do they match the brand lifestyle? It’s really important to find people who live the lifestyle of the brand, understand and use the brand, and who will go out everyday excited to talk about that brand.

For example, for our NBA Fit sampling tour, we looked to hire a hardworking mobile marketing tour team that portrayed the lifestyle of fitness and already had an interest and excitement about the NBA. To gain exposure for the NBA Fit Snackers, NBA Oranges, and Alpina Yogurts at Walmart stores, we hired and trained two tour managers and one brand ambassador to interact with customers at Walmart five days a week for a four week program. The team goals were to encourage current users to continue purchases and drive sales and incent new users to purchase these products with premiums and coupons.

A Good Mobile Marketing Team presents your brand to engage an audience. A Great Mobile Marketing Team presents your brand in a way that is welcomed: offering fun, engaging experiences, creating genuine moments, and turning consumers into customers. As you now know, our tour teams are hand-selected, screened, and trained to the Pro Motion standard of excellence. Their enthusiasm ensures that the customers’ experience brings the brand to life. It all starts with great tour managers for your mobile vehicle tours.