When we say “mobile marketing,” we mean a vehicle-based marketing program that pops up in different locations and gathers impressions along the way.

What are some myths about mobile marketing tours that we can bust?

Myth: Only big brands are successful with mobile marketing tours.

Sure, some of the most well-known brands and retailers out there use experiential marketing pop-ups to create buzz around their new offerings. But it’s a huge benefit for smaller brands to engage their target consumers in-market (read on to find out how to do it without busting the bank).

You want to start building that relationship with your consumers, and what better way than to surprise and delight them with a memorable experience and some branded takeaways? 

Myth: Mobile marketing tours only go to big events like fairs and festivals.

You do often find big experiential events occurring at music festivals, fairs, and big sporting events. If that’s your target audience, then it’s where you should be!

But consider these questions when deciding where to take your mobile marketing tour. Maybe it’s community events, local bike races, farmers markets, universities, etc. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot on venue, depending on your product and target audience.

Myth: Mobile marketing tours are only for B2C brands.

Mobile marketing tours are actually a great way for B2B brands to get their offerings in front of and in the hands of the right decisions makers.

You can pop up right in the client’s parking lot and offer a unique, hands-on, high impact experience that’s more personal (and way more effective) than a sales call. Check out our five reasons that B2B companies can and should use a mobile marketing tour.

Myth: It’s more expensive than a regular marketing program.

When brands see mobile marketing programs, they might think the costs are too exorbitant for them to take on. But there are tons of ways to save on costs and not cut quality of the experience.

For example, is there an existing vehicle hanging out that we can revamp and wrap with a shiny new image? Or do you want to focus on a target region or city rather than doing a whole national tour? Or perhaps you can save on human resources costs by hiring two traveling tour managers and staffing the rest of the brand ambassadors in-market!

There are in infinite number of tweaks, workarounds, and hacks that can shave a few dollars off of the final price tag. What’s most important, though, is that you are getting your brand out there, into the hands, minds, and hearts of your customers.

Want to learn more about mobile marketing tours? Ask the experts (hint: it’s us)!