Humboldt Creamery: This Is Where Dairy Should Come From Tour


Humboldt Creamery was looking for a way to increase brand awareness, educate consumers, generate excitement, and distribute samples of delicious, organic ice cream. While the Humboldt brand is known for other delicious and organic products like milk, butter and cottage cheese, the various pint size ice cream flavors were not previously offered in stores.

It was important for Humboldt’s Creamery’s marketing tour to help spread the benefits of buying organic and building awareness of the new flavors: Coffee Chip, Sea Salt Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chip.


  • RThis brand awareness case study for the Humboldt Creamery: “This Is Where Dairy Should Come From” tour brought branded vehicles across the San Francisco bay region, going to fairs, farmers markets, festivals, and events in search of the upscale, organic-friendly crowd. Brand ambassadors Handed out cups of ice cream, coupons, and postcards to drive sales to local retailers. Consumers loved the quality and the low price point of this product. Ice cream-loving brand ambassadors educated consumers on ice cream and other organic Humboldt products and the process of creating truly organic products. The postcards directed people to where the pint sized ice cream could be purchased driving store traffic and sales.


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2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study