ABC’s of Experiential Marketing (Part 4: T-Z)

Welcome back!

abc's of experiential marketingAt long last, we have arrived at the end of the alphabet! Here’s the ABC’s of Experiential Marketing from “T” to “Z.”

  • T is for Training. Training is sooo important for any type of Experiential Marketing program. Training programs should be comprehensive and include brand training, brand messaging, operations training, and administrative training. The goal for training is to set up your teams for success in the field. Want more training info? Check this out!
  • U is for Unlimited Ideas. Experiential Marketing is a platform for “creative creativity” and “practical creativity”. (What’s practical creativity? Check back for more on that topic!) There are unlimited ways to bring your brand to life – B2C and B2B. From grassroots feet on the street programs to year long double expandable tractor trailer mobile vehicle tours, the sky’s the limit – so get those creative juicesflowing and bring your brand to life!
  • V is for Viral. Social media is the word! Talk about your brand online via social media channels, get those bloggers and Brand Fanatics talking about your brand and watch the word spread about your brand! For more on virality and experiential marketing, read this.
  • W is for Word-of-Mouth. Not only can your brand’s message spread via social media, but it can also spread via Word of Mouth – wait, you say, that’s the same thing? Why yes, it is and to be clear, we wanted to make sure you understood there are different ways to say the same thing – all very important. Here’s your perfect next stop for more words, words, words on word of mouth.
  • X is for eXpectations. It is is important to set eXpectations when planning an Experiential Marketing Program. You need to set eXpectations with your internal marketing and sales teams in regard to goals and objectives for your program. You need to set the same eXpectations with your agency so everyone is on the same page. And your agency needs to set eXpectations with their management and activation teams regarding: goals and objectives, branding, messaging, and communication.
  • Y is for You Can Do It! New to the Experiential Marketing world? It’s scary and extremely effective. You Can Do It! Find the right agency team to support you, share your eXpectations, and let them make it happen!
  • Z is for Ziploc – Keepin’ it Fresh. Experiential Marketing is all about keeping it fresh. Do something different than your competition; stand out in the crowd! Don’t be afraid to push the envelop and be different!

That’s It!

That’s everything about Experiential Marketing from A – Z! Of course, if it were truly everything, there’d be no reason to keep coming back. If you haven’t yet, check out parts 1, 2, and 3 to get the whole effect.

And be sure to give us a shout with any of your questions or thoughts on Experiential Marketing!