4 Tips on How to Analyze Experiential Marketing Event Recaps

Blog - Smokey Bones Street Team-resized-6001It is important to monitor the effectiveness of your experiential marketing events so that you can track program results.  It is a good idea to review event recaps on a regular basis to ensure that the program is running smoothly.   Develop a schedule and system to thoroughly analyze the information that the Brand Ambassadors are gathering and presenting in each event recap.  Utilize the tips below to ensure that you are following all key focus areas for measuring program success.

  1. Monitor key success indicators – What are your objectives?  Are you tracking product sales?  Are the numbers what you predicted?  If there are extreme results at specific events check to see what other factors might have contributed.  Was the event hampered by poor weather, was a surge in traffic due to another event?
  2. Listen to Brand Ambassadors – Brand Ambassadors on street teams and mobile tours become the face of the brand.  They also serve as the eyes and ears for the brand and get to witness first hand consumer reactions, comments and concerns.  Brand Ambassadors will often be able to provide recommendations for ways to improve the success of the program so be sure to solicit their feedback after each event.
  3. Give your consumers what they want – Listen to consumer feedback.  Ask your consumers what they like about your promotion and if so what was it that they enjoyed?  If they are not satisfied, what could you have done differently?  This is a great opportunity to have a face-to-face dialogue with your consumers so be sure to listen to the feedback that they provide and take their comments into consideration when planning your street teams and mobile tours.
  4. Make course corrections – If program results are not successful then make corrections throughout the program to improve effectiveness.  Are consumers responding to your offers?  Are the samples lucrative enough to incent trial and purchase?

By analyzing your event reporting on a regular basis you will be able to make informed decisions to improve the effectiveness of your experiential marketing programs and increase your ROI.

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