How to Measure the ROI of Your Mobile Tours

Blog - How to Measure the ROI of your mobile toursROI is the ultimate measurement of success for any marketing effort, yet this measurement can be tricky in the experiential marketing arena.  ROI will differ with every program and every client.  Before you begin your mobile tour program it is important that you determine how you will measure and track the success of your program.  Below are some sample tactics for ROI metrics:

  • Consumer interactions
  • Collateral distribution
  • Store evaluations
  • Sales
  • Samples distributed
  • Key customer attendance
  • Sell-in/thru
  • # of Demonstrations
  • Competitive activity
  • Total attendance/throughput
  • Sweepstakes participation
  • PR & Media coverage
  • Premium distribution
  • Tactics used
  • Coupon redemption
  • Data capture
  • Website traffic
  • Content generation
  • Consumer feedback
  • Education
  • Cumulative research
  • Brand Awareness

Be sure to build a reporting function into your mobile tours so that Brand Ambassadors are capturing the quantitative and qualitative information that you need.  You should be gathering written reports as well as photos and videos of the brand experience.  You can use this information throughout the campaign to make any necessary course corrections to improve the success of the campaign.