Your Experiential Agency Might Be Wasting Your Money

A letter from an Experiential Marketing campaign to the consumer it wants to get to know:

Hey, target consumer. It was nice running into you before the holidays. Too bad we couldn’t spend more time together. But I understand that you had shopping to do, family to visit, and you didn’t have time to hang around at the loud, crowded, sensory-overloaded mall.

I know we talked about seeing each other at the big football game, but every year we say that, and every year it’s so hard to find each other in all the commotion. I’m actually thinking about staying home this year; I wonder if anyone would notice! Honestly, I think the money would be better spent going to several regular season games to see even more families at a place where I’m not competing with the circus.

I imagine we’ll be seeing each other a little more this year, what with brand budgets getting bigger and mobile marketing tours demonstrating better ROI. I just hope it’s not at one of those overexposed, pothead haven music festivals. It’s not like anyone is sober enough to have a clue that I was there last year. Plus it was so densely packed that cell reception was non-existent, rendering my social media integration useless. And don’t even ask what the site fees are for these things.

There are so many other occasions – local festivals, regular season games, proprietary events, Saturdays – that would allow us to take the time to truly enjoy each other’s company and actually build a relationship. My experiential agency says the more people who have the ability to see me, the better.  I guess that would be true if I was traditional marketing and I was just for lookin’. But I’m more than just a pretty face. I am most valuable when I can foster meaningful engagements. Where do these people think ROI comes from?

Gotta go. Someone is trying to figure out my QR code. <sigh>


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