What Can You Do in 10 Seconds?

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Hopefully, you can grab the attention of your market, because that’s about all the time you have. That’s a shorter attention span than a goldfish, folks.

So, how do you become memorable? Well, you focus on memory!

When you think “soda,” you probably think of a specific brand you prefer – the one in your fridge right now! You’re probably not thinking about the nutrition facts or ingredients, but instead your personal experience with that soda. Clearly, memories influence what brand comes to mind when we consider a product.

3 Categories of Memory

There are three categories of memory: immediate (sensory) memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Long-term memory is where we want our focus. This is where we store facts, ideas, and stories, where we break down concepts and skills, and where we draw personal and emotional memories. The best way to tap into the power of memory is by giving memorable first-hand experiences – engaging on a personal level – because when you connect your brand with a memory, you become a part of a story!

First Impressions

Your first impression should be interesting and engaging, capturing your audience’s attention from the start. If you can tap into feelings of excitement, fun, or joy, your audience is more likely to remember your brand – this is where experiential marketing serves us best! Positive and memorable interactions directly correlate to positive and memorable customer associations with a brand.

Immersive Experiences

A strong tool in our experiential marketing toolbox is immersive experiences. These allow your audience to imagine – or in some cases actually experience – what choosing your brand could do for them, or how it could make their life better. However, you can’t expect everyone to have an imagination. Visual content is important to encourage those memory imprints. This is as simple as encouraging taking photos and videos of interactions with your product. Upon seeing the photo again, your memory recalls those same feelings and emotions you had when you were taking the photo. This is just like when you feel warm and fuzzy looking back at pictures of fond childhood memories, and uneasy or stressed looking back at pictures of that time you got rear-ended in rush-hour traffic.

Sensory Marketing

You are probably familiar with the three types of learning: hearing, seeing, and doing. By listening to a product demonstration, seeing other familiar faces using the product, and then interacting with the product themselves, your audience is more likely to remember their experience.

Keep It Alive

After you have created this bond with your audience, you need to keep the memories alive. Have a post-event follow-up plan that will use those memory impressions you created as positive leverage that will turn in to sales moving forward.

So, back to those 10 seconds. Use the tools detailed above to capture your audience’s attention. Once you capture your audience’s attention, you can take all the time they are willing to give you – you just have to make it past those first 10 seconds!

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Adapted from: https://promotion1.com/2019/05/15/6-memory-techniques-to-use-in-experiential-marketing/

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