Top Ten List of Brand Ambassador Traits

10. Your cat doesn’t really have nine lives, your car starts every time and doesn’t get a flat on a weekly basis and you haven’t buried the same grandma 3 times. In a nutshell, you show up to each event ready to go which means you are RELIABLE!

9. YOU are not your favorite person, you don’t think you’re better than the rest of the team, you’re not “above” any task no matter if it’s picking up the trash after an event onsite or passing out tampon samples – you are a TEAM PLAYER!

8. You don’t complain to the client about standing on your feet at an event, you don’t try to persuade the rest of the street team members that you are underpaid (which if you work for us…you are clearly not) and you always have a warm smile on your face in front of the consumers and clients (unless of course we are paying you to be a zombie which then, frown away) – you are PROFESSIONAL!

7. You never keep a better solution for marketing a product or service quiet or an out-of-the-box method of finding the right demographic for some guerrilla tactics to yourself. You will NEVER say “I am just doing what I am told and nothing more”, which means you are INNOVATIVE!

6. Your alarm works, you don’t oversleep due to a wild night before (hey, we don’t care what you do in your spare time, but when you are work with us, we’re not keen on bloodshot eyes), you give yourself ample time and factor in traffic to arrive at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled – you are TIMELY!

5. A 9 to 5 job sitting in a cubicle would make you resort to taking happy pills, you must have people interaction in your daily work, you can engage anyone with your wit and charm, you can talk to a CEO, a janitor, a nice mom (or a mean mom – think the movie Mommy Dearest and NO WIRE HANGERS), a college student or a sweet child (or a spoiled brat) and they all walk away from you feeling important – you are an EXTROVERT!

4. You don’t mind when we change a location to be a better fit for the demographic we are trying to hit for our client, you don’t call us saying this is what I thought I would be doing (if you work for us – we will always try to give you the best scope of work, but client demands can change a little), you make everything at an event seem flawless – you are FLEXIBLE!

3. You can not only turn on a computer, but you can upload photos. You either have a smart phone or definitely think one would come in handy. While you don’t need to know a gigabyte from a gigahertz from a gigaflop – you should know your way around Microsoft Office – at the end of the day you are TECH-ADEQUATE!

2. You do not have any felonies on your criminal record, you have never had your license revoked/suspended, you drive like you have Miss Daisy in the backseat, you “shower” “regularly” (a la Chris Farley on SNL) and you own a razor and use it – you are just plain CLEAN!

1. People walk away from you wanting what you had this morning for breakfast (think Meg Ryan at the table in the movie When Harry Met Sally), you are exciting to watch, you are animated, you have this amazing energy that you bring with you to every event – every interaction is like your first interaction, you bring your A-game everywhere you go – you are PASSIONATE (and without it – you simply could not work for us)!