Top 5 Ways to NOT Get a Business Meeting

Lately I have had several people approach me asking what is the best way to introduce themselves to business prospects. Now we have all heard of all the tricks and gimmicks that have been floating around for years. But the question is consistent, “How do I get more meetings?” That question isn’t as easy to answer, but I can give you a couple sure fire ways to make certain you never get a new business meeting:

  1. Be very, very persistent, i.e. stalking (because most people these days love getting 10-12 emails and voicemails per day from the same person).
  2. Make sure your product is something your prospect would only use on Leap Year.
  3. When you do get someone on the phone… be vague. Give them no clue about why you are calling and what your product is.
  4. Do absolutely no research on your prospect. Buyers really like spending their time explaining their business to you so you can then try to take their money.
  5. And for a closer, to ensure they will not even attend an industry event if they see your name on the roster…once the prospect tells you they are not interested, be sure to call back the very next day and leave several voicemails saying; “it is obvious that you just don’t understand what I am trying to tell you!”

If you stick to these few, but basic techniques I can almost guarantee you won’t have to worry about this problem for long.