Top 5 Tips for Planning a VIP Hospitality Event

Blog - Top 5 Tips for Planning a VIP Hospitality Event-resized-600VIP event or hospitality event can provide for a more casual atmosphere where relationship building is the key objective.  Our clients say doing hospitality events or VIP events for their customers is a great way to drive relationships and ultimately sales volume.  We all know getting customers out of their offices and into a more casual atmosphere are great for relationship building.  Finding the right venue or the right activities is key to driving attendance.

Top 5 things to consider when developing a VIP Event or Hospitality Event:

  1. Think about what the experience is going to be for the customer and make it special.  Every detail needs to be thought out.
  2. Make sure the event ties into your products or services and the culture of your company.
  3. Pre-planning is essential.  Everything from the invitations to the premiums must be cohesive to the experience and your brand.
  4. Build in all of the senses.  Make this event memorable in every way.
  5. Do a post event analysis to make sure you delivered the results necessary for the budget spend.
  6. Bonus: Report upward to internal decision makers on the event results and the key learning.  This will assist you to get the necessary budget for future events.