Tips for Recruiting & Training Guerilla Marketing Brand Ambassadors

Blog - Guerilla Marketing Training“You are guerilla marketing.  This is a guerilla promotion.  You will be using guerilla tactics on this promotion.  Do you understand what guerilla marketing is?”

Just a few phrases that you should communicate during the hiring and training process for guerilla Brand Ambassadors.  Here are some other tips so Brand Ambassadors don’t go all APE  S*** on you!
Guerilla MarketingRecruiting and Training Communication:

  • If running an ad be specific and mention that it is a guerilla promotion
    • Define guerilla marketing within the ad
  • When interviewing make sure you reiterate  that the promotion will utilize guerilla marketingtactics
    • Ask the potential Brand Ambassador if they are comfortable with this style of promotion
  • Send out a scope of work (in writing) with any other promotion information that is communicated to the hired Brand Ambassador
  • Provide multiple locations in which to activate the event in case they are asked to leave or one of the locations does not have good traffic
    • Make sure they check in with the Project Manager if there is a change of locations
  • While training, cover the do’s and don’ts of guerilla marketing

Everyone wins when a promotion is a success.  These tips will help make your next guerilla marketing campaign a smooth one for your Brand Ambassadors.

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