Tips for Recruiting Street Team Brand Ambassadors

blog - tips for recruiting street team brand ambassadorsMyth – Brand Ambassadors hired to work on marketing programs are all the same.
Truth – Brand Ambassadors that are happy with the company they work for are more enthusiastic.

Myth – All the companies that provide street teams are the same.
Truth – There are some staffing companies that just do it differently providing a better team representing your brand.
Great Brand Ambassadors are hard to find – believe me.  As the Talent Acquisition Expert at Pro Motion, Inc., I have spent every day for the last 8 years matching the right qualifications and personalities with some of the biggest brands out there.  Sorting through thousands of resumes, talking to potential Brand Ambassadors all over the country – it’s a thorough process to find the right fit, a process that Pro Motion, Inc. has spent years learning and perfecting.  There are many different types of agencies out there: big agencies, small agencies; good agencies, bad agencies; agencies that know the people representing their company, agencies that use the mass e-mail technique to thousands they have never talked with or met.  Whether you have an agency of record, or you are in search of a company to find great Brand Ambassadors for your next promotion, here are some questions to ask before you trust just anyone to recruit the right street team to represent your brand:

  1. DOES YOUR AGENCY TALK TO EACH BRAND AMBASSADOR THAT’S HIRED? It’s simple to send out a mass e-mail to everyone in your database and hire via e-mail.  Make sure the agency calls each person as well.  It shows the Brand Ambassador that they are important, and they are since they are representing your brand.  You can learn a lot about candidates over the phone that does not come out in a resume or e-mail.
  2. DOES YOUR AGENCY KEEP IN CONTACT WITH BRAND AMBASSADORS THROUGHOUT A PROGRAM AND ON A REGULAR BASIS?  A company that has a great rapport with their Brand Ambassadors gets better results.  Those people that have a relationship with their Account Management team will give it their all because it instills a sense of camaraderie and loyalty.
  3. HOW QUICKLY DOES YOUR AGENCY PAY ITS BRAND AMBASSADORS?  A company that pays quickly attracts better Brand Ambassadors.  Getting paid 2 months after you have completed a promotion creates anxiety and has a tendency to lead to poor performance.
  4. DOES YOUR AGENCY PAY FAIR RATES TO ITS BRAND AMBASSADORS?  Make sure you get a company that pays fair to theBrand Ambassadors, but doesn’t over charge you.  You know the saying – you get what you pay for.  There is a difference in the quality of Brand Ambassadors you get   it shouldn’t cost substantially more.  Look out for those agencies that charge top dollar and then pay theirBrand Ambassadors in peanuts.
  5. WHAT DOES YOUR AGENCY DO TO TRAIN THE BRAND AMBASSADORS IT HIRES? Training is huge!  You should be a part of training. If you are not able to participate in training, then make sure you provide key points that you want the team to communicate.  Be sure the company hired trains their Brand Ambassadors since you don’t want just anybody talking about your brand.

Use these tips to make your next street team promotion a success.