The Secrets of My Success: An Experiential Marketing Mini-Tutorial

PATRICK LONGO-I’ve been in the experiential marketing industry for 15 years, and I like to think that I’ve been pretty successful in everything I’ve tried. I’ve worked for agencies large and small, and I’ve been involved at every level of the biz, from Brand Ambassador on up to Project Management. I guess what I’m saying is: from street teams to event marketing to mobile marketing tours and beyond…I’ve got experience in experiential.

Of course, not every activation wins awards, and not every career move is the wisest choice. I’ve had setbacks as well as lucky breaks. That’s to be expected.

I was recently asked by a colleague, “how do you always seem so on top of things?”

My first thought was: “I have truly fooled everyone.”
My second thought was: “I’m on top of things because I need to be. I’m successful because of the approach I take to my work and my life.”

So, I thought I’d share.

5 secrets to Patrick’s success:

  1. Be passionate
    Passion. I don’t know what else to say: you either have passion or you don’t.
    Whether I’m with my family at home, with my softball team on the field, or in a brainstorm at the office, I’m fully invested in what’s going on. I’m passionate about every single thing that I choose to do. Sometimes, I’m too passionate (if there is such a thing)…but it beats the alternative.
  2. Be consistent
    Success doesn’t just show up, you have to put in your time and do what needs to be done over and over. Just showing up is a start; put your head down and work and things will come.
    If you want to win games, though, you’ve got to put in the reps. If you want to run successful activations, it’s important that you take responsibility for the quality of every decision you make.
    Make those decisions purposefully and consistently, and you’ll be able to replicate results over and over.
  3. Be persistent
    Some days are harder than others, but you’ve got to stick it out, remember why you’re here, and see it through fruition! We don’t always win.
    Failure is going to happen, in our lives, in our leisure, and in our work. Running through the pain, shrugging off a bad day, and learning from mistakes are qualities that separate winners from losers.
    Failing does not equal failure. You have to internalize that and separate those ideas so that you can continue to get back up and make things work for you.
  4. Be genuine
    Don’t forget who you are; don’t do things that would compromise who you are; be true to yourself and don’t change for quicker path.
  5. There is no secret to success
    Work hard; don’t make excuses and take advantage of opportunities. Never, ever be afraid to fail!

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc