The Journey of an Experiential Marketing Professional

blog - the journey of an experiential marketing professional-resized-600“It’s the journey, not the destination” is a concept that can be paraphrased for almost any nostalgic occasion. You hear examples of the philosophy in commencement addresses, eulogies and Aerosmith songs. But for me, one such variation is especially appropriate and more telling than all the rest: “Mobile Marketing tours are better measured in memories than in miles.” Anyone who has ever “been on tour,” solo or with a crew, can attest to this statement.

In my 4 years with Pro Motion, I have traveled by train, plane and especially automobile more than 50,000 miles (that’s twice around the world), executed events in 30 different states (plus the District of Columbia) and amassed more than 1.5 million Hilton Honors points (3 months free at any Hampton Inn, which includes a free HOT breakfast every morning) – all this a far cry from the college freshman who once thought his 2-hour drive home was the bane of his existence. But these numbers, while crazy to even think about, make up just the framework; they tell only part of the story. Fill in this framework with irreplaceable memories of eating beignets and drinking hurricanes in New Orleans, watching an ocean-scented sunset in Santa Monica, or spending Election Day with thousands of people in Times Square, and my journey is defined most wholly by my inimitable experiences.

Of course, touring is not all fried foods and sight-seeing. We’ve put in our share of 16-hour days, which can easily lead to 80-hour work weeks. Being away from home for months at a time can also take its toll, not to mention eating the same Hampton Inn breakfast every morning (maybe I’ll hold off on that free 3-month stay). But in the end, after all the miles traveled, hours worked, and biscuits & gravy consumed, I am left with some pretty great memories. And that’s what it’s all about.