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Status Quo: Enemy of Excellence

By October 23, 2018 February 8th, 2019 No Comments
Who really benefits from doing things just because “that’s how they’ve always been done?” Not marketers. If you’re alongside everyone else, doing and saying what everyone else is, then you’re just a part of the clutter.

It’s well past time for you—a brand marketer—to take off the blinders and walk away from the status quo. Look at the pieces of your marketing mix. Are they driving sales? That trade show that you go to each year…is that paying off? How about those direct mailers?

If the tactics aren’t working, then turn your back on them. If your brand marketing efforts aren’t ticking the boxes that lead to sales and profits, then your brand marketing efforts aren’t worth whatever you’re spending.

Pride is a powerful motivator…and you should be proud of the work you do. The status quo doesn’t inspire pride.

Challenge the status quo and you just might find a new strategy that really moves your brand.

Try it today. Ask these simple questions in your next marketing meeting…Why are we focusing on this strategy? How does it help us to grow our brand/company? Have we looked at all alternatives?

Don’t be afraid! It is the right thing to do!

And when you’re ready to do some marketing for your brand that really ticks the boxes, contact us!

As marketers, we need to challenge the status quo, we need to ask questions, and we need to hold ourselves accountable as to how we are spending the shareholder’s money. Using excuses like, “That is the way we’ve always done it” doesn’t get you promoted, grow your brand or fulfill your career. Steve Randazzo

President, Pro Motion, Inc.