CNN Election Express Yourself Tour
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CNN wanted to extend election coverage to the voting public, on the ground and at the same time support valued business partners in a way that will engage voters to share their thoughts, feelings and impressions of the community. The engagement opportunity needed to last from the caucuses to election night.


  • RPro Motion managed development, build-out, scheduling and activation of the Tour that was the on-the-ground, interactive touch-point for consumers, cable partners, affiliates and advertisers.
  • RThe focus of the Election Express Yourself Tour was an Airstream that Pro Motion transformed into a mobile recording studio where guests were invited to record a short video portrait voicing their political passions.
  • RThese clips were then utilized on-air and on-line to promote CNN’s election coverage.
  • RConsumers were also invited to create their own customized political memorabilia or to leave their mark on our huge Graffiti Wall.
  • RIn addition, there were CNN television kiosks, an Internet café and polling stations for guests to enjoy.
  • RPro Motion also managed catered VIP cocktail receptions at each event for CNN’s cable partners, affiliates and advertisers.
  • RThe CNN case study: Election Express Yourself Tour inspired viewers to utilize CNN as a political resource in record number.
  • RCNN’s Presidential election coverage achieved its highest primetime ratings in history.
  • RCNN lead all broadcast and cable networks on Election Night.
  • RCNN unseated Fox News in the hotly-contested 10pm timeslot.
  • RCNN was the #1 cable network in its target market for all three Presidential Commission debates as well as the Commission’s Vice Presidential debate.
  • RThe Tour exceeded the goal of getting consumers focused on the upcoming elections and building relationships with CNN’s partners all while gaining PR attention.
  • RThe CNN Election Express Yourself Team interacted with over 50,000 consumers, traveled over 9,000 miles and distributed over 100,000 premiums!