Pro Motion’s Real People


blog - pro motion real people-resized-600Welcome to our new blog! If you’re familiar with Pro Motion, you know we’re based in St Louis, but what you may not know is that we were one of the first experiential marketing firms in the country – fourteen years and still growing strong. If you’re not familiar with us, I invite you to learn more about the exceptional people and exciting work that goes on here by visiting our new and evolving site, You’ll see some of the cool work we’ve produced for clients like Disney, CNN, Bosch and others. As you look around, you’ll quickly learn that our greatest asset is our people. I’m sure you’ve heard that line before, but this time it’s different.

I joined Pro Motion at the beginning of this year and while it’s only been a few short months, I’ve never experienced a company that is so driven by the people who work here. Over my 20-plus years of working on both client and agency sides of the business, I had come to adopt a cynical point of view that every agency claims their people are the best…blah, blah, blah. That was until I came to Pro Motion. Through the interview process, it became clear to me that Pro Motion really is better because of its people. From the founder and CEO–to the brand ambassadors in the field–to former employees I have met with, I hear the same thing–Pro Motion is great people.

It only makes sense that an experiential marketing firm, which makes its living helping companies and agencies engage people in face-to-face brand-centric moments, would have great people. You can’t really make lasting impressions with run-of-the-mill folks who aren’t excited and engaging. Every client meeting I’ve attended since joining Pro Motion begins with smiles and hugs all around – seriously! While walking the halls of CNN in Atlanta this past March, we were greeted with hugs at almost every turn; it was like being at a family reunion with 5,000 people. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it for myself. I’ve been converted from cynic to believer.

Armed with this truth about Pro Motion’s people-centric approach to business, we’ve developed new branding, a website, blogs and other social media–this blog included. We’re not simply joining the Web 2.0 movement to keep up with the Jones’; we’re extending our people to the market in a way that complements who we are and what we do. Engage us in any way that makes you comfortable–call, e-mail, blogs, twitter, Facebook or YouTube, it doesn’t matter. You’ll find Pro Motion people are smart, fun, experienced and most of all, enthusiastic. So welcome, we’re looking forward to understanding what’s important to you and sharing what we know about face-to-face marketing.


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