Pro Motion Puts Employees First

Blog - Pro Motion Puts Employess First-resizedCore Values. You’ve seen them in the Employee Manual and maybe on the office wall etched on a nice plaque. Well, here at Pro Motion (PMI), our Core Values have held up to the tests of time and we make decisions every day based on 6 great pillars of our PMI community. I could fill a book (and will some day) with stories from the past 14 years where we lived the core values! It’s really a no-brainer. Whenever you need to make a difficult decision, put the decision up against the Core Values. If it passes EVERY ONE of them, you’re good. If it fails to pass with just one of them, you’re making the wrong decision.

I think the key to our success is simple. We were living them before we agonized and word smith’d them to death about 10 years ago. The coolest part? They have each been tested a lot! And, I mean A LOT! Think about it. Employees First Always…Reputation Before Revenue…Make it Happen…Commitment to Safety…Work as a Team, Win as a Team…and, something about being creative (what did we put in that ad?). In Experiential Marketing we have to be ready everyday to make decisions that affect our clients and our organization. Let’s just say there are many moving parts.

Employees First Always? What happened to the Customer First Always? Again, not rocket science here. If you have happy employees, they’ll bust their ass for their clients. Don’t believe me? Call one of our clients. Ask them if they think their PMI account service manager is happy with their job and if they go above and beyond everyday to exceed the client’s expectations. There is a reason we’ve been awarded for our great culture locally several times and nationally through Fortune Small Business magazine.

We pay attention to the “hug factor”. We believe people hug others who they have affection towards. We also believe happy clients hug, ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if we’re in their office, in our office or in the field at an event. If our clients aren’t hugging us when we see each other, we’re probably at the beginning of the relationship; like the very first meeting; and, sometimes, we’ve already earned our hug that early in the relationship. We have hugging clients and we’ve earned the hugs. How? By exceeding their expectations; by delivering lots of added value and by delivering great solutions to their brand’s problems. PMI’ers love to make our clients HEROS.

So I ask, do you hug your agency?

I know “hugs” isn’t scientific but when was the last time you hugged someone you weren’t really happy to see? And, when was the last time you hugged your Agency?

I believe Employees First Always is a great core value if you want to get hugs from your clients.

That’s what’s on my mind!

Core Values…more to come!