The Pro Motion Difference in Mobile Marketing Tours
  • Pro Motion started 21 years ago, and we were one of the first and few to work with experiential marketing—and we still are! Our core values–which we live and work by—are even centered around assisting and running a campaign.
  • Employees First, Always: We’ve learned that making our workers a priority keeps them happy. Simple concept really, but sometimes it takes work to get there. Like we said earlier, that 20+ years of experience means we don’t cut corners, which makes our workers happy, and then they transfer that happiness to your product and consumers—it all works out.
  • Work as a Team, Win as a Team: It was one of our core founding values and it rings true today. Everyone that we employ helps our streamlined process, from creative to the frontlines of the campaign. When you’re our client, you’re part of the team too, and we definitely like to succeed—a lot.
  • Make it Happen: Our experience in this industry means that we have connections across the country, for all different kinds of campaigns that you might want to run. Our adherence to these core values has set us apart in the business world, and people want to work with us again. So whether it’s Virtual Reality or a good old fashioned product giveaway, we make it happen.
  • Reputation Before Revenue: This ties in closely with the other values that we’ve already mentioned, but it bears mentioning either way. We believe that sacrificing our hard-earned reputation for money isn’t worth it. It’s why we only take on 10 clients at a time. It’s why we’ve said no to clients we didn’t align with before. While you’re looking for a company to run your experiential campaign, we’re looking for clients who believe in the same things that we do; once we find each other, it’s awesome.
  • Commitment to Safety: We aren’t going to cut safety codes or certifications just to make a profit, or to move the deadline forward a bit. In this industry, accidents happen; it’s our responsibility to take avoiding and mitigating them very seriously. At no point do we ever want to place an employee, our client’s brand, or the general public in a dangerous, uncomfortable situation. Our experience with campaigns allows us a definite industry advantage. When you’ve done great work and retained first-class clients for 20+ years, you have the opportunity to become the best in your industry.