PizzaExpress Uses Magic to Create Memorable Experiences

PizzaExpress, a UK casual dining restaurant, is dedicated to creating “moments worth sharing.”

It was in this spirit that they recently invited street magician Damien O’Brien to serve at some of their tables.

Hidden cameras captured interactions with amused and delighted patrons as O’Brien performed service and pizza-themed illusions.

PizzaExpress used social media to tease their idea, and then released it to an abundance of social chatter and shares.

This stunt had nothing to do with pizza on the surface, and served only to create an atmosphere of magic and wonder in a pretty standard environment. This atmosphere, and these memorable experiences are Pizza Express’ way of amplifying their messaging. The idea is that all experiences at Pizza Express are memorable, from the mundane to the truly extraordinary. By filming real customers as these “moments worth sharing” are being created, Pizza Express is creating an environment that promotes sharing beyond the one-to-one nature of the marketing stunt itself.

What type of experience would best amplify the messaging that your business is conveying?