People Make All The Difference!

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Great teams make great events

Success for great events, especially in experiential marketing, ultimately relies on great teams. A combination of the traveling field team, office account team, volunteers, brand ambassadors, and the client representatives make great events like the KaBoom! tour possible and successful for families all over the country.

Our incredible field team worked nonstop to make this mobile tour a success. They drove hours between sites to get the box trucks to each city. They worked ten-hour load-in days plus 10-12 hour event days with smiles and enthusiasm. They encountered challenging weather, dealt with excitable crowds, and reported to the office account team regularly (we’re scary, we know).

I always knew I could count on the team to make it happen.

Volunteers: Step Right Up!

Another part of our great events were the groups of volunteers and brand ambassadors we stationed throughout the event. They engaged with the families throughout the footprint and kept the flow moving through. They had great attitudes, and we absolutely could not have pulled it off without them.

As much as I appreciated the hard work and dedication of these groups of people, I also found it very cool to be working hands-on with the KaBOOM! clients themselves at the events. I saw the passion they have for their work and this cause of play that they believe in wholeheartedly. They jumped right into the action along with everyone else and had a blast with these families.

What did I learn this summer?

So to wrap this series up in a way that would make my third grade English teacher proud, what DID I learn this summer?

  • Work efficiently, passionately, and creatively and you will get noticed.
  • Taking ownership of a project and seeing it come to life is a very rewarding thing.
  • Some things in life are beyond your control; go with the flow and make it happen to the best of your ability.
  • Trust the team around you and you will all create happiness and success.
  • (Wow, maybe I should write fortune cookies…)

And when you graduate from college, just jump in!

You never know what amazing people you will meet and what great experiences you will get to be a part of along the way.