Off-Premise Malt Beverage Sampling and Why it Works

The Program 60+ accounts, 12 weeks, 4 different Crown Imports brands, 2 kiosks, 3 well-educated Brand Ambassadors

Those are the hard facts on what it takes to introduce, reconnect, and touch one-on-one, 3,000+ carefully targeted consumers.

The driving force behind this program was to sample Corona, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, and Negra Modelo with the general market in top distribution accounts in order to move additional cases, secure premium store advertising and bring added value to the shoppers in those key accounts.

The return was much more…


In this industry, we are constantly trying to come up with different ways to create lasting memories that will connect a brand with consumers. That is our calling card. If we can create that connection, we have done our job. What ended up happening with these promotions was that instead of creating new memories, we rekindled many memories from good times past. So many of the customers that sampled the Corona and Modelo beers shared with us stories about how they once enjoyed the beers all summer long, how it reminded them of different warm weather, sandy beach vacations that they had taken, good friends that always had cold Corona in the fridge, and many more.

Many of the consumers would then pick up a twelve-pack or case of beer to take with them saying things like, “This will make my weekend perfect” or “If I can’t be at the beach, at least I can enjoy the beer” and my favorite, “This is the beer for my two-day vacation that I take every week!”.

This program ended up having dual results. First, we were able to convert consumer memories to sales by connecting their favorite moments from the past with the product they were sampling that evening. The other result was that we converted undecided consumers into new loyal consumers by sampling with smart, engaging and professional Brand Ambassadors. For the later, the memories were just beginning.