Motor Coach Promotions Build Brands

Blog - Motor Coach Promotions Build BrandsWant to cut your sales cycle in half?

Want to build brand loyalty?

How about converting new users with a smaller budget?

All of these outcomes happen when you promote your products with a motor coach promotion.

Branded motor coaches provide the opportunity to create a lot of presence and awareness in the marketplace.   Their biggest advantage in a B to B environment is they are a marketing machine! Based on our experience, motor coach promotions provide one of the best ROI’s when you transport your products or services directly to the parking lot of your prospect.

When you show your customer you care enough to bring your products or services directly to your customers parking lot, they show you their appreciation by buying your products.   We’ve experienced CEO’s, CMO’s and other decision makers spend hours completely focused without any distractions on our clients’ products.  How does this happen you ask?  Well, think about how much time and money you have saved them by not asking them to fly to a trade show or to your home office.  Think of the message you send by bringing your products to them so all of the decision makers can see your demonstration at the same time.

Think of this as “Mullet Marketing”; Business during the day and party/VIP events at night!  Our clients have closed millions of dollars in sales by utilizing motor coach marketing.

Isn’t it time for your company to break from the status quo and let us help you to build a successful motor coach promotion?  This is one sales tool that hits a home run every time!