Mobile Tours Can Replace Flagging Trade Shows

Once upon a time, trade shows were deemed the kings of B2B marketing events. Top business leaders flocked to convention centers to learn about new equipment, technology, and other tools. This gold standard of education brought awareness to potential clients and gave brands a platform to flaunt their latest products. And if attendees were lucky, a little bit of fun was involved.

Today the fairytale-like success of trade shows has dwindled, and the shows seem more like a hassle. High-powered decision makers no longer feel they have time to travel or roam around for a week accumulating briefcases full of brochures.

According to the 2017 Center for Exhibition Industry Research Index Report, the fourth quarter of 2016 was yet another sign that the reigning age of trade shows is over. This might seem like a big blow to B2B marketing tactics, but instead, the decline of trade shows presents a new opportunity to elevate consumer engagement to new levels. Read the full article here.