Make It Happen in Event Marketing

At Pro Motion, we love our core values. On any given day, we’re living most and sometimes even all of our core values making decisions on behalf of our clients. So, how about living all five core values in an emergency situation for one client? In a nutshell, here’s what happened. One of our trailers broke down in Texas – it turns out the axle broke and we needed to be in Vegas in 3 days. We really needed to make it happen (core value #2), work as a team and win as a team (core value #3), be sure that in everything we were committed to safety (core value #5), take care of our employees first (core value #1) and finally, maintain our hard-earned reputation with our client before worrying about the revenue (core value #4).After a team huddle, we built an operations plan that included all necessary staffers and even our accountant! Long story short, here’s how we solved this situation. We took a trailer out of our warehouse to a trailer shop and had one of the axles removed. The axle was put in one of our pickup trucks driven by our accountant for about a 300- mile trip to another one of our tours that was heading to LA. Once the axle was transitioned to our second tour, it was delivered to the Texas shop to replace the bad axle. In 24 hours, the new axle was installed and both tours made it to their destinations as originally planned. In this industry we like to say, life happens! Or, shit happens and when it does, you better be a creative thinker and problem solver, or this industry will eat you alive.

Here’s the kicker – we didn’t charge the client for this extra added value and “get it done” action. Why? We’re not a nickel and dime agency. We’re a “get it done” agency. It’s how we do business and it’s why we have long-term relationships. Agency life is a journey, not a sprint! And, long-term relationships with the right clients are priceless.