How to Plan Successful Experiential Marketing Mobile Tours

Blog - How to plan successful Experiential Marketing Mobile Tours-resized-600There are many important factors you need to take into consideration when you are developing mobile tours.  There are several different types of mobile marketing vehicles and you will need to make some decisions about how you plan to use the vehicle to help you best determine which one is the best for your brand, budget and overall experiential marketing campaign.  Here are some things to consider when developing and planning a mobile marketing tour.

•    How long is the mobile tour?
•    Will it continue into multiple years?
•    Is the mobile tour regional or will it travel nationally?
•    What type of vehicle would make your mobile tour a success?
•    Do you want to own the vehicle or lease?
•    Are the displays to be inside the vehicle, outside or a combination?
•    How much time would you need for a setup at a venue?
•    Is the mobile tour’s function primarily:
–    Exhibit
–    Sampling
–    Interactive Games
–    Cooking (kitchens, grills, sinks, plumbing)
–    Demonstration
–    Theatre Presentation
•    What exhibit displays are you planning?
–    Kiosks, Game Stations, Virtual Reality…
–    Interior Wall Displays (light boxes, video walls…)
–    Exterior Displays (tents, awnings…)
•    What are your graphic requirements?
–    Vehicle Wrap
–    Interior Graphics
–    Signage (Banners, A-Frames)
•    Do you need assistance in planning?
–    Layout Design
–    Interior Design
–    Kiosk Design
–    CAD Renderings
•    What are your budget parameters?
•    Will you have local Brand Ambassadors to assist in the activation on an event day?
•    What is the ultimate daily goal for throughput of visitors?
•    Will the visitors be self-guided or do you wish to control the experience?
•    How long do you wish the guest to spend in the display?
•    Are you planning multiple day events or single day events?
•    Do you plan to create the event or be a part of an existing event?